Shesh Besh

Curator: Hadas Maor 24.3.2011 - 6.8.2011

Noga Inbar's work touches upon the structuring of history, questioningthe notion of truth deriving from it. Inbar sketched several structures on old notebooks, which she copied from Paul Virilio's Bunker Archaeology, a book that offers a critical reading of the deserted bunkers scattered along France's southern coast since the end of World War II. On the wall, next to the drawings, appears the inscription "All is secured, nothing is true," extracted from a text by the anarchist group The Invisible Committee, ridiculing in many respects the attempt to generate a protected, closed setting, since it is unclear against what the protection is exactly required. The work continues Inbar's exploration of power and authority structures, and mainly the way in which they are manifested in an architectural context in various sites of signification, such as mental asylums.