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Curator: Revital Ben-Asher Peretz 22.9.2011 - 11.1.2012

In "Given," curator and artist Merav Shinn Ben-Alon collaborated with Galia Gur Zeev, who is also an artist and a curator. Together they have created a work space consisting of two identical spaces constructed especially for the project, setting out to explore the relationship between artist, curator, and audience.
In her work Watchers, Gur Zeev presents a strip of photographs which runs along the walls of the space, featuring figures staring straight ahead with piercing gazes, as a reflection of the viewers. It is as though the work directs its gaze at the artist and the curator as well, asking: Who is looking at whom? To the other space, situated in the back as a repressed consciousness, Shinn Ben-Alon invited another artist—herself. Her work, One Hundred Words, is akin to a "curator's footnote," mirroring the curator-artist conflict. In the groove crossing the walls of the space she concealed a text she had written, as a metaphor for the power of the "curatorial text." The viewers, accustomed to using the text as glasses with which to decode the exhibition, return to observe Watchers on their way out, this time in a slightly different manner perhaps.
This project reflects the blurring of boundaries and the dialogue between artmaking and curatorship in Shinn Ben-Alon's life. In one of the exhibitions she curated in the past Shinn Ben-Alon used the works of other artists as infrastructure for the construction of a personal story. The current project reflects, inter alia, the curatorial concept she has developed as curator (2003-2006) of the Art Gallery at Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv. This concept ascribes major significance to the space as a point of departure and as a theme.

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