Set in Motion

Dance-Art-Community, Curators: Drorit Gur Arie and Avi Feldman 22.5.2014 - 6.9.2014

Since her return from New York fifteen years ago, Yasmeen Godder has been one of the most outstanding choreographers in Israel. She works with artist and dramaturge Itzik Giuli, and is known for her collaborations with visual artists, among them Gal Weinstein, Alona Rodeh, Yochai Matos, and Tamar Lam. The dance piece presented here, created especially for the Petach Tikva Museum of Art, is her first experience with site-specific work intended for a museum interior, attempting to define a new space for the intricate dialogue between viewer-object-body-space-time-movement.
The prolonged work, approximately three hours in length, will be performed by Godder's dancer, intermittently, in the museum space, throughout the duration of the exhibition. The dance piece came into being alongside and combined with objects from her previous works, and juxtaposed with video pieces by several other artists. Godder creates live performances alongside still objects, exploring how dance pulsates when it converses with visual art. Like the objects and works of the other artists, the new dance piece stands on its own right, while at the same time it may be given a syncretic reading along with the other exhibits to generate a unique whole, gradually evolving, changing, and consolidating until the show's closing.
The work was developed via reflexive hindsight—a gaze which is not retrospective by essence, nor strives to reconstruct earlier works. Instead, it is an intense process of decontextualization, while plunging into the archive and revisiting works created by Godder in the past fifteen years, extracting physical, emotional, communal, spatial, and conceptual peaks. The work evolved from the exhibition's underlying concept and its two major axes—community and the Museum as a public sphere. The shifting of Godder's Jaffa-based rehearsal room to the museum triggers questions about the constant tension between the communal-popular space and the hall of muses.

- For additional information and details about performance times, please contact the museum.


Yasmeen Godder, Climax, 2014, Climax, 2014, Dancers: Dalia Chaimsky, Shuli Enosh, Dor Frank, Yuli Kovbasnian, Uri Shafir, Edu Turull-Montells, Ofir Yudilevitch