Set in Motion

Dance-Art-Community, Curators: Drorit Gur Arie and Avi Feldman 22.5.2014 - 6.9.2014

The work of Italian artist Marinella Senatore is a unique test case of "social art," a fascinating combination of contemporary art with a type of social work. In recent years she has worked on the extensive project The School of Narrative Dance which attests to the growing curiosity among visual artists regarding the possibilities inherent in dance as a social vehicle. Senatore is distinguished by an inspiring ability to gather a multi-participant community around her, and the unusual attention she lends to conversations, workshops, and unmediated encounters with the local citizens of each place in which she operates, constructing the plot of her work through their personal stories and in collaboration with them.
By working with other choreographers, Senatore goes out into the "field"—whether a low socioeconomic status neighborhood in a provincial town or the rehearsal rooms of a pensioner orchestra—and recruits thousands of people to active creation. Participation in Senatore's projects is open to people at any age. The artist trains the participants to serve in a range of roles: extras, lighting men, and even choreographers, scriptwriters, or co-directors.
The current exhibition features the operatic trilogy Rosas, which presents Senatore's modi operandi in film, video, and drawing. For its execution she was joined by more than 16,000 people from Berlin, Derby, and Madrid, who took an active part in the production and participated in a wide range of workshops, conversations, and meetings combining hands-on work, writing, singing, dance, and movement




Marinella Senatore, Rosas, 2012, Video, 83 min (entire trilogy), Chapter 1: Perfect Lives, Berlin 2012, 23 min, Chapter 2: The Attic, Derby 2012, 30 min, Chapter 3: Public Opinion Descends upon Demonstrators, Madrid 2012, 30 min