The Crystal Palace & The Temple of Doom

Curator: Hlia Cohen-Schneiderman 2.7.2015 - 24.10.2015

Eden Bannet’s studio is located in south Tel Aviv, surrounded by printing houses, wood, upholstery, and metal workshops. Their leftovers serve as her raw materials and inspiration, which she gathers on her daily routes—home, to the studio, to the high school where she teaches and back again.
Bannet traces “sculptural moments” in the still reality of the city, ones that hint at the events that had taken place there. Spaces and facilities that belong to the public sphere (flagpoles, bridges, a lake, the park), objects that belong to domestic environments (pillows, a chest of drawers, parts of a sofa), as well as objects characteristic of areas of passage and movement (wheels, glass windows, pipes, café tables), are used as the conceptual foundation of sculptural arrangements. In the museum she uses the raw materials and objects to create hybrid compositions; disrupted ghosts of the productive logic.
Usually, Bannet’s works create autonomous installations in the space, but in light of the group’s work dynamics, she chose to focus on the “public” spaces of the exhibition, and examine how her practice and sculptural language can interfere with, echo, and reflect other works in the common space.