The Crystal Palace & The Temple of Doom

Curator: Hlia Cohen-Schneiderman 2.7.2015 - 24.10.2015

Elisheva Levy appropriates artifacts, consumer goods, and artworks that were created by the other participants in the exhibition (and some artists who are not featured in it), re-creating them in her personal style. She places them side by side and one above the other, on a transient and rather fragile structure—a construction with no partitions, rendering the distinction between interior and exterior irrelevant. This allows for the gradual formation of a body of work, which is indexical to the participants in the exhibition, and founded on theft, copying, or recycling. Following the philosopher Hakim Bey, we could say that Levy declares a temporary yet optimistic autonomous zone that has nothing to do with independence, since it is based and depends on everything that exists outside it.