The Crystal Palace & The Temple of Doom

Curator: Hlia Cohen-Schneiderman 2.7.2015 - 24.10.2015

Hila Toony Navok is known predominately as a sculptor and a painter, but she actually started her artistic path in the field of performance art. In a way, her current work is a video-performance, like a collage that brings together these three media. In recent years, Navok has been tracking down the signs of Modernist architecture and aesthetics in public areas in the Israeli periphery. Through these she attempts to decipher the language of “standard” design. Her works engage with the desires and fantasies embodied in the design of cheap commodities, and expose the gaps between what we can afford and who we wish we were.
For the most part, Navok’s works are based on quotidian spaces that undergo a process of abstraction. However, in the work featured in this exhibition the movement between these two realms is reversed, as Navok steps into the intimate space—the homes of the people who inspire her works. Into these private spaces she introduces abstract formal elements which have a monumental presence in the public space, as a graphic ornament on the side of a building or an element in the middle of a fountain. When Navok tries to control a huge blue ball, or stretch a yellow sheet of plastic into a line, another unpredictable variable enters this action—the weather, which creates an arena of struggle between the artist and the Modernist spirit and formalist elements
it carries.
Photography: Itay Marom / Editing: Eyal Sibi / Music: Gizi Zuckerman / Sound editing: Yossi Ron, Eyal Sibi
Thanks go to: Amsily family, Meili family, Ashdod municipality Spokesperson office, Yoni Raz Portugali, Dan Geva and Itay Gonen. Special thanks to Ian Sternthal and Helen Amsily
*This work was created with the support of Ostrovsky Family Fund.


Toony Navok, With the Wind, With the Water (Surrounding Drawing) , 2015