The Crystal Palace & The Temple of Doom

Curator: Hlia Cohen-Schneiderman 2.7.2015 - 24.10.2015

A gleaming temple stands on the top of the mountain. Located at the edge of the exhibition, towering and isolated, wishing to erase its presence, and in the process actually achieving the opposite result, like a child who covers his eyes in order to disappear. Alongside a Greek house of worship, Yariv Spivak’s temple also brings to mind the works of the artist Absalon. The latter offers a possibility to limit the self in the white cells that he built, which only fit one person, and with which he distilled something of the Modernist spirit. Spivak’s temple also echoes the fantasy of creating an isolated sanctuary for the individual, but does so with a poignant defiance of its surroundings. Above hovers a paraphrase on the Delphic oracle’s maxim: “Know thyself and know thy place.”