The Crystal Palace & The Temple of Doom

Curator: Hlia Cohen-Schneiderman 2.7.2015 - 24.10.2015

Alona Rodeh exhibits three elements from an ongoing project entitled Safe and Sound. The idiom is comprised of two words that evoke a sonar-auditory connotation, as well as the aspect of protection and regimentation, two recurring leitmotifs in Rodeh's works. In this case, these aspects are present not only in her work, but in the entire exhibition space. Rodeh connected the three main spaces of the museum to loudspeakers that function as a temporary Public Announcement system. Every 18 minutes, one of four quick yet intensive musical tracks is played, disturbing the relative silence in the space. The musical tracks start as various warning signals, become actual music, and are cut short at their apex. In the main space, Rodeh installed a monumental object—a surrealist homage to Iron Dome defense system, which rises on its legs like a contemporary Hebrew worker at the city square. At the same time, in a secondary location, a warning sign is transmitted and stops on the image of Rachid.


Alona Rodeh, Safe and Sound (Rachid), stills from HD Video with sound, 2015, Photo: Vlad Margulis