Bi-bli-o-logia: The Book as Body

Curators: Drorit Gur Arie, Raphael Sigal 26.11.2015 - 26.3.2016

Wanja said, “The book am Anfang ist Kaputt (In the Beginning is Kaput) is a garden. It is a story about the end in the beginning; the moment of translation—when we leave a known alphabet and read through a new one. I like to read gardens as I read books.”
Wanda said, “am Anfang ist Kaputt contains my collection of seeds, which I gathered over years from different plants and places. The seeds were embedded in mold-made paper and I bounded the sheets into an edition of two books.”
Wanja says, “Regarding the book, I was surprised to hear that you want to exhibit just the black book. I see the two books as one work and the black one not as a result of the other—it’s more a translation, which can always be further translated … Books are not a terminus, as long as we keep translating them, just as seeds are a variant of the plant in compact DNA form and the nomadic state/phase of the plant in which it spreads/dislocates itself. Would settled people create books?”