Intricate Affinities: Recollections of Western Tradition in Local Contemporary Art

Curator: Smadar Sheffi 15.9.2016 - 24.12.2016

Simon Adjiashvili's interiors have a fleeting quality, as if capturing the ephemeral. What appears at first sight as painting from observation, transpires as an imaginary place where abstract principles—an intricate array of light and space—are built around scaffoldings which are familiar forms: a chair, an unkempt bed sheet, a mirror. The occurrence, the movement in the painting, is that of light bathing the floor as if it were a real substance. Light stands like a pillar of cloud billowing up. Scholar Samuel Dirksz van Hoogstraten (1627–78) likened painting to "a mirror of Nature, which makes things seem to be that are not," calling it a "sister of reflexive Philosophy." Adjiashvili oscillates between the existent and the nonexistent, the concrete and the elusive. The mirror and the reflection are akin to evidence; a proof of something that may be a fleeting moment, soon to become a part of the light wave.


Simon Adjiashvili, Untitled, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 140x150, Collection of the artist, courtesy of Rothschild Fine Art, Tel Aviv