Operations on Places

Curator: Waldemar Tatarczuk 8.11.2018 - 5.1.2019

Inspired by images of the Yugoslavian war broadcast on Israeli television, Disposition was performed by Adina Bar-On (in 2001–10) in numerous venues throughout the world, adapting it each time to the particular, local context of the respective city. In Lublin, it was performed in 2009 over more than two hours as a walking tour along a chosen route in the urban sphere. Bar-On opted for forgotten places: rundown backyards, dumps, streets, and buildings reminiscent of pre-war times. Wearing a red dress and a shawl, she used gestures and simple props to produce suggestive images: a woman in a landscape, a woman with a vehicle, a woman with a flag. The interactions provoked between the artist and her audience as leader and followers played an important role in these performances.


Adina Bar-On, Disposition 2009, Location: Lublin's Old Town, Filmed action, archival inkjet print