Operations on Places

Curator: Waldemar Tatarczuk 8.11.2018 - 5.1.2019

The performance of the duo Nice Words took place twice, in 2017 and in 2018, at the Lublin Central Bus Station—a place of transition between East and West, through which numerous Ukrainian migrants pass every day. The artists asked passersby to write down their wishes for the city of Lublin on the occasion of its 700th anniversary, and the performance was based on a simple exchange: a nice word for a good wish. According to the artists, "the action is devoid of irony, critical distance, or hidden messages. It is as simple as it looks." The same action was repeated in the city of Petach Tikva before the opening of the current exhibition, and postcards from these actions are incorporated in it.


Agata Rucińska & Barbara Gryka, Nice Word, 2017/2018, Location: Lublin Bus Terminal, Mixed media installation