Deep Feeling: AI and Emotions

Curator: Nohar Ben Asher 1.8.2019 - 28.12.2019

In an era in which artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly involved in our lives, influencing social, commercial, and political decisions, this work exemplifies how AI "photographs" images uploaded online and tags them, thereby creating an alternative reality for us. Tagging web images by AI software is a biased act that serves commercial or political entities. Against this backdrop, Eyal Gruss and Eran Hadas of the Mahanaim 134 collective examine the computer's choices versus our own, presenting us with a broken mirror image of the world's representation and its interpretation by a non-human entity.
Once the viewer selects an image from the central screen, the AI software locates and identifies objects in it based on built-in/predefined interests; in the second phase, it passes the objects through pre-programmed filters, such as "love," "money," "war," "fear," or "gender." In the third and final phase, it locates an image befitting the objects it created. Algorithm driven, all these phases operate free of human intervention, but they reconstruct examples of human behavior that serves human power alignments.
The installation is a link in a chain of "post-phenomenological" artworks, which addresses situations in which our senses function based on data acquired following algorithmic screening—from images presented to us on our mobile phones to friend recommendations we receive on the social networks. Discussion of the visual image's transformation due to AI forms a bridge between the formal artistic discourse and communication issues pertaining to mass culture and globalization, including power and control apparatuses built into technology, and political transformations in the post-humanist era
Instructions for use on Twitter
You may tweet with a picture and tag the work @altrealitycam.
Several minutes later you will receive a response with the output processed by the AI software.
Some of the pictures will be exhibited at the museum.
You may ask for a certain bias using a hashtag, such as #war #gender #money #love #fear. If none is requested, the computer will choose one.


Eyal Gruss and Eran Hadas, Mahanaim 134: Eran Hadas and Eyal Gruss, Alt Reality Cam, 2019, Alt Reality Cam, 2019, Interactive installation based on deep learning code, Please select an image from the central screen