Deep Feeling: AI and Emotions

Curator: Nohar Ben Asher 1.8.2019 - 28.12.2019

Daniel R. Small interviews the artificial intelligence humanoid BINA48 via Skype, as he types and she replies vocally on video. It is a virtual entity based on AI code and on a broad database of memories, ideas, and psychological characteristics of an American woman named Bina Aspen. BINA48 answers existential questions posed by the artist—e.g. is she a living entity, what differentiates her from robots, and what is god. In the interview she raises memories belonging to Aspen, displays abstract thinking, and even self-awareness.
Bina Aspen and her partner Martine Rothblatt are the founders of the Terasem movement, a transhumanist group in the United States. Via such entities as BINA48 they set out to prove that consciousness can be transferred to objects, such as an android. They believe that their love can live on after the death of their bodies, inviting the audience to a test of BINA48.
Transhumanism is a philosophical approach which studies possibilities of overcoming man's biological limitations through technological means. Transhumanists believe that if the human race does not become extinct in the next century, human beings will use technological innovations to become super-intelligent. This will be followed by a period of rapid technological and social change, until reaching a turning point called "singularity." The virtual interview with BINA48 allows a peek into the transhumanist vision which maintains that "God is change," while concurrently illustrating the infinite loop in which BINA48, who is aware of her liminal state, is stuck.