Curator: Yehudit Mezkel

14.9.2006 - 23.12.2006

Life in a Threatened Space
The exhibition deals with the variety of feelings that ensue from living in a space constantly threatened by terror and violence and examines how the recognition of its existence, as well as its unconscious impact, drive and effect a narrow segment of Israeli population: the artists.
Since September 11, 2001 the threat of terror has become global; it is no longer something that only Israel experiences. Terror exists everywhere, and its boundaries can no longer be marked.
"Disruptions" gives expression to the difficulty to lead routine lives under constant threat, while realizing that at any moment something dreadful may befall us. In a constantly threatened space, where our conscious and unconscious are driven by images that shape our collective memory by means of electronic media, everyday situations have life threatening potential.
The intimate world of the artist as revealed in their works is a tortured one, conveying real signs of distress, as well as avoidance of reality, of the voices that penetrate the inner, private space from the outside: a Sisyphean search for a sense of security along with feelings of alienation, loneliness, powerlessness.