Flower Vase

Curator: Sigal Barkai

3.1.2007 - 25.3.2007

A Flower put in a vase is an embodiment of "the Beautiful" in many cultures.
The exhibition seeks to examine what is there in the colorful, sculptural object of a flower that has attracted so many artists.
A close look will reveal deep symbolic meanings in the relationship between the flower and the container that holds and feeds it. Together they create a disposable object that escorts human life in their cyclicality: as a courtship gesture, as a token for a flowery mother, in the space of a living room, beside a sick person's bed, on a grave tomb.
Artists from the Collection: Tversky, Kossonogi, Ticho, Zaritzki, Shorr and others.
Guest Artists: Asim Abu Shakra, Farid Abu Shakra, Mona Oren, Amira Amitay.