Things to Come

Curator: Doreet LeVitte Harten, co-curator: Avshalom Suliman

14/04/2016 - 20/08/2016

Science fiction is a relativey new field that deals with the impact of imagined science and technology upon society and individuals. It is a controlled way to think and dream about the future, which at the same time reflects the values of the culture in which it is produced. It is through science fiction that existing social desires, cultural aspirations, and political and technological patterns manifest themselves. The imagined vision of the future speaks volumes about the present, and is always also anchored in the past.
The show aims to define the speculative fiction in its visual modus and to point towards its historical context. It brings together and conflates different parameters without differentiating between so called high art and popular expression. In a way, science fiction can be defined as the modern imagination and the works of the artists presented here testify to this fact.
What fuses art with science fiction is the ability to look at things unseen. In the sense that a good portrait, for example, is not a mirror image of a given person but a quest of deciphering, evoking a certain truth which is then shared by the artist and the observer. While art’s journey is perceived as a vertical dive into a truth that lies beneath the surface, it is the surface itself that science fiction uses as the plateaux of its discoveries. At the center of that rhizomatic plain stand the permutations, variations, and mutations, or in short – the state of things to come.