The Space Between

Curator: Drorit Gur Arie

17.5.2007 - 6.10.2007

The interpretation of space in contemporary discourse has changed, becoming more complex and containing a diversity of spaces, associations and dimensions. Post-modern theories emphasize space as a major category with regard to modes of observing and understanding reality. The exhibition "The Space Between" strives to explore the museum space through new spatial perceptions that undermine the sanctity of the "white cube," and vis-à-vis current artistic media that have changed the way in which we experience the artistic space.
The exhibition sets out to explore the relationship between the private space and the public space, against the backdrop of social and technological changes and their implications on the points of conflict and tension between them. The boundaries between the personal sphere, as a locus of intimacy, protection, at times concealment, and the public (museum) space as a site of exposure and as a field of power strategies and mechanisms, gradually become blurred. The exhibition opens up the definition of the museum space to a new reading, calling on viewers to challenge boundaries, conventions, and definitions of the space and the subspaces within.