Curator: Marie Shek

22.11.2008 - 7.3.2009

Sleep is akin to a warm cradle within the self; an important biological necessity, and at the same time—a plunge into the heart of darkness, the abode of horror and nightmare, the time of nocturnal sins and desires, the kingdom of the moonstruck and dreamers. Sleep is a breached time for the homeless who every night seek a temporary refuge in the bed of the public sphere. For many insomniacs, sleep amounts to a few moments of grace; troubled sleep in a new simultaneous web where the physical sphere loses its concreteness, collapsing into the temporal dimension, inverting day and night, creating an unbounded continuum which spans a false 24-hour unit in front of flickering screens

Participants:Hiraki Sawa, Ange Leccia, Anri Sala, Michal Heiman, Ran Slavin, Marie-Ange Guilleminot, Mark Wallinger, Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook, Duane Michals, Felix González-Torres, Annette Messager, Melanie Manchot, Sophie Calle.