Curator: Sigal Barkai

02/04/2009 -


Landsc®ape:Representation Matrixes The exhibition “Landsc®ape” is the second in a series of shows linking the collection of Petach…


Curator: Marie Shek

22/11/2008 -


Sleep is akin to a warm cradle within the self; an important biological necessity, and at the same…

Disrupted Vision

Curator: Sigal Barkai

30/10/2008 -


In contrast to the English adjective “abstract,” which denotes an immaterial and intangible quality, its Hebrew equivalent, mufshat…

Blind Spot

Curator: Carmella Jacoby Volk, Einat Manoff

05/06/2008 -


Participants: Assaf Evron, Ori Drumer, Duprass: (Liora Belford and Ido Govrin) with Oscar Abosh, Dafna Shalom, Halil Altindere,…

Etchings & Scratches

Curator: Sigal Barkai

07/03/2008 -


Etchings, Scratches and Scars- Changing Representations of the Israeli Soldier The exhibition explores the connection between artistic printmaking…

The Houses

Curator: Anat Gatenio

21/02/2008 -


The Houses at Home Live in Apartments Personal identities whose makeup and power build on the family’s culture…

Curiosity Cabinet

of Petach Tikva. Curator: Sigal Barkai

12/11/2007 -


The first art collections presented to art consumers were eclectic repositories of items; private collections of aristocrats and…

Joseph Dadoune-Sion

A Cinematic Trilogy, Curator: Drorit Gur Arie

06/11/2007 -


The project Sion (2002-07) fuses Dadoune’s previous films in terms of the issues with which he is concerned…

Petting Corner

Curator: Sigal Barkai

01/07/2007 -


The exhibition evokes the preliminary, emotional and meaningful relationship between children and animals. The non-verbal and intuitive language…

Initial Concept

Curator: Drorit Gur Arie

17/05/2007 -


The work Collapsible Floor was first presented in a group exhibition entitled “Corners” curated by Ran Shechori in…

The Space Between

Curator: Drorit Gur Arie

17/05/2007 -


The interpretation of space in contemporary discourse has changed, becoming more complex and containing a diversity of spaces,…

Flower Vase

Curator: Sigal Barkai

03/01/2007 -


A Flower put in a vase is an embodiment of “the Beautiful” in many cultures. The exhibition seeks…


Curator: Yehudit Mezkel

14/09/2006 -


Life in a Threatened Space The exhibition deals with the variety of feelings that ensue from living in…

A Reach Seam

Curator: Hagai Segev

18/05/2006 -


Powerful forces have acted in the last decades on Israeli culture, pushing aside and ousting traditions and attitudes…


Curator: Hadas Maor

22/12/2005 -


The last part of the twentieth century was characterized by simultaneous development in various theoretical disciplines that sought…


Curator: Orly Hoffman

31/03/2005 -


Since French philosopher Michel Foucault’s coining of the term “heterotopia1, it has become a key notion in the…