Last watch,Talia Keinan

Curator: Drorit Gur-Ariei

17/10/2013 -


Talia Keinan’s installations, combining murals and video screenings and mostly accompanied by sound, reveal various snippets of geographical,…

See Under:Actor

Curator: Noam Segal

17/10/2013 -


“Hypokrites”, actor in ancient Greek, means the one who interprets; that is, the interpreter and the mediator rather…

1200 kg dirt, Ariel Richman

Curator: Hila Cohen-Schneiderman

17/10/2013 -


Continuum” series 1200 kg dirt: Ariel Reichman 17.10.2013-4.1.2014 Curator: Hila Cohen-Schneiderman In his solo exhibition, 1200 Kg Dirt,…


Curators: Drorit Gur-Arie, Hila Cohen-Schneiderman, Sigal Kehat-Krinski

30/04/2013 -


Many literary and artistic works dealing with death, especially death in the battlefield, perpetuate the figure of the…