Ayala Landow: Mud-Dough

Curator: Danielle Tzadka-Cohen

01/06/2023 -


In her exhibition “Mud-Dough,” Ayala Landow constructs an alternate reality, a space containing external and internal elements, a…

Living Zones

Curators: Dr. Irena Gordon, Danielle Tzadka-Cohen, A.J. Weissbard

15/12/2022 -


Image: From Tomer Sapir’s Exhibition Peter Jacob Maltz, Tomer Sapir, Alexandra Zuckerman, Maya Cohen Levy, Ami Raviv, Eliran…

Liquid Season

Curator: Dr. Irena Gordon

30/06/2022 -


Avshalom Pollak Dance Theatre presents: A video-dance cycle to music by Umitaro Abe Director & choreographer:Avshalom Pollak Dancers:…

The Way We Survive

Curator: Irena Gordon

12/08/2021 -


René Descartes argued: “I think, therefore I am,” namely mind precedes matter. Nevertheless, it is the corporeal body…

Now Open

Curator: Or Tshuva

04/03/2021 -


The exhibition Now Open delves into the relationship between the museum and its public. It presents projects created…


Curator: Bar Yerushalmi

30/01/2020 -


Light design: Yoav BarelSound design: Binya RechesGraphic design: Ayal Zakin & Tali Liberman Some ten years ago Israeli…

A World within a World:

Interactive installation in collaboration with Intel Ltd.

01/08/2019 -


Jeshayahu Scheinfeld (1909–1979) was born in Chișinău (Kishinev), Moldova. He immigrated to Palestine in 1928, settled in Petach…

Last Chance to See

Curators: Drorit Gur Arie, Isabelle Bourgeois

08/11/2018 -


“Last Chance to See,” declared British author Douglas Adams in his amusing travel book, which gave its title…


Curator: Or Tshuva

11/01/2018 -


The exhibition focuses on the duality typical of the work of active artists, who simultaneously work as instructors…

Mulan River ־ Cuò

Consulting curator: Drorit Gur Arie

14/09/2017 -


Since they began collaborating on installation art in 2008, the Mulan River has been the major subject addressed…


Curator: Marie Shek

14/09/2017 -


“I’m no prophet. My job is making windows where there were once walls.” – Michel Foucault Oren Pinhassi,…


A cluster of exhibitions

14/09/2017 -


Information about past civilizations is drawn not only from written documents, but also—sometimes mainly—from researching habitats and the…

Kwisatz Haderach

Curators: Drorit Gur Arie, Or Tshuva

14/09/2017 -


Ella Littwitz’s project Kwisatz Haderach has two parts: one is featured in the Museum’s entrance concourse, and the…