A World within a World:

Interactive installation in collaboration with Intel Ltd.

01/08/2019 -


A World within a World:

Jeshayahu Scheinfeld (1909–1979) was born in Chișinău (Kishinev), Moldova. He immigrated to Palestine in 1928, settled in Petach Tikva, and worked in a nearby quarry. Sheinfeld began painting at the age of 62. His naïve painterly world is populated by airy houses, happy hills, cheerful donkeys, ships, trees, and flowers, all painted with a colorful palette. The colors fuse into one another to create a mosaic which resembles the plain gravel at the foot of Migdal Tsedek, where he spent decades working in a quarry.
Sheinfeld’s paintings were scanned and assimilated into an artificial intelligence system. This interactive installation, created in collaboration with Intel Ltd., takes your picture and redraws you in keeping with the style of the scanned painting. The picture is taken with a depth camera that can separate the photographed subject from his/her surroundings to obtain a portrait photograph clean of background details. The system uses a neural network technology that has “studied” the painting style and is capable of reproducing it.
Digital art today makes extensive use of AI and neural networks, which can paint, change style, complete missing sections in the picture, etc.

Planning and construction: Dimitri Kanevsky, Yakir Zohar
In collaboration with Intel Makers